Moto GP Top 5 best races of 2023

Moto Gp Top 5 best races of 2023

The Australian Grand Prix remains the best of the season
2024 will be an exciting year, a beautiful season and a beautiful race. There are some contenders for the title, such as Degia, Pizzici, Bagnaia, Martin, Marquez and Bastianini. I hope that for Ducati in this golden era.
but Pico is different from the other “champions” (Mir and Quartararo) as he is the one who can defend the world title, and he is also the one who has achieved at least 6 wins since Marquez 2019, Pico is always there on the podium in 2024 it will be clear seriously, there must be a rapprochement. Between Mark and Pico, hero versus hero

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